Apple and The Consumer vs the Professional

If Apple have to chose between the consumer and the professional, it repeatedly chose the consumer. Recently this had been made clear with the new Final Cut Pro X, a video editing and production app. Apple have added ease-of-use features and taken away tools professionals need.

The tech press has been full of reports of angry chief video editors leaving the ship. 
I my self is as far from an editor as someone can be, but what I’ve seen was impressing. And the prize is now affordable for the rest of us. So suddenly I see that if I should grow out of iMovie, I have an opportunity there.
But why this buzz and stride. What’s it about? I think it’s hinting at may be one of the main reasons for Apple success. They don’t create tools for the professionals. They do it for the consumer.

“Doesn’t Apple care about the high-end professional market?”

In a word, no.  Not really.  Not enough to focus on it as a primary business.

So why are I as ERP app developer so interested in this. Well, this consumer attitude, “for the rest of us”, is clearly something that have driven my work in financials and ERP. And I’ve to take many decisions daily about features, and this good to hold up as a daily and golden rule: “care about the consumer, not the professional!” 


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Norwegian social entrepreneur, blogger&Swift programmer. PM for the OMG GL standard. Using #ULab to give #Villajoyosa sustainable tourism&tunable pipe organs.

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